Revolutionary Grandpas and Uncles

06 May

I’m hooked on Turn, the AMC show about America’s first spy ring. Sunday’s episode 5, Epiphany, takes place at Christmas in 1776 when Washington crossed the Delaware to avoid a confrontation with the Redcoats and set up the Battle of Trenton.

I’d come across Trenton and Monmouth County, New Jersey during my research so I set out to find out who might have been there during the revolution. It was an easy search.

My family has several immigrant ancestors who were part of the original settlers of New Amsterdam in 1624. My 8th great-grandfather Phillipe du Trieux, his wife and son, were part of that settlement. In 1645 his youngest son, Jacob du Trieux my 7th great-grandfather was born in New Amsterdam. His son Phillip—6x great grandfather—was born in Monmouth County, NJ in 1676. It was during this generation the name changed from the French spelling Du Trieux to Truex or Truax. The family would be in New Jersey until the Revolutionary War.

Larue Jacob Truex—5x great grandfather—was born there in 1705. He died in 1774 two years before the colonies declared independence. It would be his sons that participated in the Revolutionary War and were likely involved in the Battle of Trenton.

His sons included

  • 1) Benjamin, 1731–1801. His grave marker indicates he was Private in the Pennsylvania Bedford County Militia during the Revolutionary War.
  • 2) Samuel, 1740–1801, PFC Rush’s Co PA Militia, Revolutionary War
  • 3) Jacob, 1745–1807
  • 4) Obedia, 1745–1787
  • 5) John, 1749–1807
  • 6) Phillip, 1752–1822, a Revolutionary War Soldier
  • 7) Stillwell, 1752–1822, a Revolutionary War Soldier
  • 8) Joseph, 1758–1839, 4x great-grandfather

Joseph Truex, his youngest son, is my 4x great-grandfather. He was 18 years old in 1776. There were also two daughters, Elizabeth, 1733–1810; and Catherine 1746–1804.

NOTE: After I wrote this I decided to look for the grave sites of some of these Revolutionary soldiers. On Find-A-Grave Joseph, son of Larue, is said to be born in 1741 and to have died during the Revolutionary War in 1777. I’ll investigate more.

Elizabeth Truex married Jacob Wink and they are also my 5th great grandparents. Jacob, 1833–1806 was likely in the militia. Their oldest son, Jacob, 1756–1820, was 20 years old in 1776 and was probably also a participant either in the militia or the Continental Army. After two daughters their next son, Adam Wink, my 4x great-grandfather, was born in 1764 so he was only 12 years old at the start of the war and too young to fight.

NOTE:  According to information on Find-A-Grave Elizabeth was daughter of Samuel Truex and Sarah Stilwell. But that can’t be right because, according to that same entry, Samuel was born in 1743 ten years after Elizabeth was born in 1733.

Both lines descend to my grandmother Kathryn McKay Miller Hamilton, and then to my dad.

I have other revolutionary relatives in North Carolina and South Carolina, but I’ll save those stories for another day.

Any questions?


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