What’s with all the “Washes”?

31 Aug

I have counted eleven George Washingtons in my incomplete family tree. They have eight different surnames, come from five different states, and were born from 1827 to 1880.

From what i can tell all of them used the name Washington and went by the nickname, “Wash.”  I saw a few GWs on some documents and a couple of headstones, but I never saw anything to suggest they went by the name George.

The surnames are Crouch (2), Green, Broyles, Haynes, Laird, Rose (2), Scott (2), and Bass. They were born in Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. Here’s George Washington Crouch, my great great grandpa, born in Arkansas in 1848.

GW Crouch

George Washington Crouch

I did a little looking around and found that George Washington, the-father-of-our-country-George-Washington died in 1799. But evidently naming babies George Washington wasn’t a fad. It was a regular thing all the way through the 1800s.

Then I started thinking about other presidential names and I found a handful more in my family tree including Quincy, Madison, Monroe, Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson, and one Ronald Reagan. Oh wait, Ronald Reagan was the president. The others however, were named after presidents John Quincy Adams, James Madison, James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson. All of the namesake babies were born in the 1800s except one. My niece, Riley Madison, was born in 2006.

In my family George Washington was the most used presidential name at 11; then Thomas Jefferson with seven; there were six Monroes, five Madisons; two Quincys and a couple of Quinns.

Have you noticed any presidential names that show up frequently in your family?

Just curious.


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