Avery Albert Scott and James Avery Lambert

23 Aug

One reason my Scott line is so challenging for all of us to research is for two or three generations they all had a LOT of kids — ten, twelve or more — and grandpas, dads, uncles and cousins would have the same name. And I don’t know how many of them married someone named Elizabeth or Mary confusing the issue even more. It’s tricky to be sure the John or you’re looking at is really your grandpa and not your uncle or maybe even a second cousin.

Poindexter and Melinda Scott on

Poindexter and Malinda Scott

There are a few exceptions. Until I started doing my family research the only Poindexter I knew of was Archie’s brainy classmate in the Archie comic books. But pretty quickly I found I have a third uncle named Poindexter. No telling how his name might be spelled, but in the right place at the right time it’s easy to know who he is.  He’s the next younger brother of my 3x great grandpa Frank, who was named Jeremiah Franklin.

My great grandpa, Avery Albert Scott is also pretty easy to identify when I’m looking at old reports and records. I always wondered where the name Avery came from. It sounded like a girl’s name to me.  And now there are lots of little girls named Avery, including one of my great nieces.

Avery Albert Scott on

Avery Albert Scott     1889 – 1976

Just recently I found another Avery in the family tree. James Avery Lambert was Jeremiah Franklin’s first cousin. His mother is Isabella Scott Lambert, John Scott sister. They were both born in North Carolina with two more brothers, James Bartlett Scott, the oldest, born in 1795 and William Thomas Scott the youngest, born in 1804. John was born 1800 and Isabella in 1802.

Just recently one of Isabella’s descendant’s got in touch with me and we’re comparing notes. She was looking for information about Isabella and found this blog. She lives in Ashville, North Carolina, which is just a stone’s throw from where these ancestors were born, wherever that is exactly. She’s in the right place to do some hands-on research.

It took forever, well…  not quite forever, to find my dad’s line due to five generations of James White Miller. When a distant Miller cousin got in touch and said we were related to Mary Chestnut, (Mary Boykin Miller Chestnut) who kept a diary during the Civil War, I was able to come at the Miller line sideways and find the original James White Miller was born in 1824. His parents were James Miller and Sarah White. Ta da!  Finally I found the source of James White.My grandmother would be proud.

How about you? Are there a lot of duplicate names in your family? Have you been able to make your way around them to fill in your family tree?



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